Monika Tomasik

monika tomasik

Monika is our Nursery main teacher. She graduated from the University of Silesia with a bachelor’s degree in English Philology and from  the Foreign Language Teacher Training College in Tychy with a Teaching Diploma. Recently Monika graduated with a Masters degree in Early Years Education. She gained  experience in working with children during her five internships. Monika is fascinated by the way that  children perceive the world and their learning process. The English language and working with  children were always her passions, so she has decided to piece it together – working with children  using English is something what she always wanted to do. It gives Monika a lot of satisfaction and  that’s why she puts her heart and soul into her work. For two years Monika lived in UK where she  further developed her English language skills.

Monika strongly believes that the best way of learning is in a natural environment as then motivation is never an issue. Another effective way of learning is through the games, which was the topic of Monika’s thesis. She is deeply convinced that having fun is a child’s natural inclination and that playing while learning gives great satisfaction to both the child and the teacher.

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