Aleksandra Majewska – Kukawska

Przedszkole Gdynia


Aleksandra Majewska-Kukawska is GIS’s vice-director and an Early Years teacher at Gdynia International School. She graduated from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin with a Master’s Degree in English and complimented her studies with a Postgraduate Diploma in Early Years and Early School Education. Aleksandra has several years of experience working as a teacher in the Tricity, including Dwujęzyczne Przedszkolaki in Gdańsk, Angielskie Przedszkole in Gdynia, and British International School Gdańsk. Aleksandra has also worked in Infinity Cambridge and Kids’ Fun language schools.

Aleksandra teaches to enable, enliven and encourage the children. She believes that the purpose of teaching is to assist the students with their own experiences and discoveries.